My shameless plug for the MAD Blog Awards 2016

If there’s one thing guaranteed to tip me into full-on eye-rolling and telly-shouting mode it’s the moment when Simon Cowell says, “So why do you want to win the X Factor?” And the contestant whines (as some soppy background music kicks in),

“Because I really really want it, Simon – I’ve wanted this my whole life”.

And that’s when I’ll shout back, “It’s not about you my love – what about us?! Can you fill Wembley Stadium? Will you achieve a sell-out tour?” First rule of marketing: find out what your audience wants. As you can imagine, I’m a dream to live with.

So that’s why I’ve struggled to write this post. You see, I’ve noticed an explosion of Twitter interest in this thing called the MAD Blog Awards. And I’ve thought long and hard about what I could say to you, dear readers, to convince you to nominate me.

Tots 100 Awards


And so far all I can think of is this… “Please nominate me because I really really want it!”

I can hear you. You’re saying: “you’ve got to work harder than that. Yes, Breakfast Club Mum, it will only take me two minutes to vote, and yes you could possibly write well enough for me to consider you for the Best New Blog category – but why should I?”

And, you’re right. It’s a fair cop. There are some truly amazing bloggers out there – and if you’re looking to nominate someone for the Best Writer category, I recommend any of these seasoned writers. Their blogs are able to make me smile, even on a miserable day:


Life, love and dirty dishes

Single mum speaks

The Adultier Adult

But if you enjoy reading my blog it would be fab if you could enter me for the Best New Blog Category in the MAD Blog awards. These are the only details you need and the links for two of the most relevant awards are below:

Blog Name: Breakfast Club Mum

Blog URL:

Twitter: @BrekkieClubMum

On a more serious note, I started this blog because I wanted to share my insights with other parents, particularly working mums. If I were to receive a nomination hopefully I’d get a bit more exposure to reach out to even more hardworking parents out there.

And…I really, really want to win, Simon.

Thanks x

Closing date is 8th April 2016.

Tots 100 Awards
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