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Tag: Perfect Mum

When is it an emergency?

How was I feeling right now? Furious? No…. Livid. I’d just finished an emotionally-charged conversation with my partner and he had told me he had decided to take the week off work – DURING TERM TIME! I was silently fuming – didn’t we always say that we would only do something like that in an…

The five things guaranteed to make this mum jealous

Back in the day, when I was single and my main worry in life was running out of cornflakes, I would spend my hard-earned cash on lovely handbags: impractical handbags, handbags with their own dust bags, handbags that were literally works of art. If I saw someone with a new bag I would immediately notice it and,…

A Tale of The Perfect Mum and the Ninja Rabbit

Today was going to be so great. Today was my last day of proving that I could be The Perfect Mum. And I failed. It was the last day of the half term holidays with my five year old. I was going to make it count. I’d taken the week off work but I’d been…

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