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About Breakfast Club Mum

About Breakfast Club Mum

Me: Not far off forty (eek). Slightly addicted to Ferrero Rochers, likes the odd G&T (Hendricks with cucumber if you’re asking), loves a bit of public speaking (weird, I know) and probably a feminist at heart. Hates feeling bored and loves to learn. Wants to get the most out of life. And wants the best for her family whilst still feeling like a person in her own right.

Oh, and I aspire to be one of those women who are effortlessy stylish.

Still some way to go.

I was the first in my family to go to university so didn’t really understand what it was to have a ‘career’. After a lot of hard graft I got myself a first class degree and entered the professional world. And I loved it. I still do (mostly). I have a full-on, full-time senior management level role. And now I have a lovely partner and two boys (aged 5 and 2). But juggling everything and trying to be great at everything remains, to me, an unsolved mystery. Answers on a postcard.

I have a strong work ethic which is something I want to teach my boys, and I value the power of personal development. I’ve just completed my Masters which was a hard slog but, boy, what a sense of achievement!

This is a very personal insight into the stresses and joys of being a working parent. My blogging name is Breakfast Club Mum so that I can post about work from time to time (although I should say I work for a very good employer). I’m hoping that it may serve as a source of inspiration and entertain at the same time.

Hope you like it.

Breakfast Club Mum x

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