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Monthly archives: April, 2016

Every parent’s love/hate relationship with stickers

Were you a sticker collector in your youth? I was. I collected Care Bear stickers (no, I’ve never actually been cool), and every time I could save up 50p I would run to the newsagents to buy a new pack of stickers, desperate in the hope I would secure one of the furry ones. The furry ones were the most prestigious…

The five things guaranteed to make this mum jealous

Back in the day, when I was single and my main worry in life was running out of cornflakes, I would spend my hard-earned cash on lovely handbags: impractical handbags, handbags with their own dust bags, handbags that were literally works of art. If I saw someone with a new bag I would immediately notice it and,…

The call every working parent dreads

Is this what every working parent thinks when they get ‘the call’ from nursery? Or is it just me? I realise that this post might be a little controversial and I may well come across as the mother with a heart of stone. But after three incidents in little over two months I’m at my…

A Brush with the Angry Birds at the Bird Park

Just when I thought I’d reached an all-time parenting low, I realise I have only just achieved bronze badge status. Here is my story of the day I took my five-year-old to the local Bird Park – only to discover that I am actually terrified of birds. It was the first week of the school…

My shameless plug for the MAD Blog Awards 2016

If there’s one thing guaranteed to tip me into full-on eye-rolling and telly-shouting mode it’s the moment when Simon Cowell says, “So why do you want to win the X Factor?” And the contestant whines (as some soppy background music kicks in), “Because I really really want it, Simon – I’ve wanted this my whole life”….

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